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On-Site Calibration

Gone are the days where indispensable equipment had to be sent away to be SANAS calibrated. The RMS service and calibration team can now visit you to calibrate your equipment.


Measuring instruments are the 'heartbeat' of your company as they check and measure your production processes. They control the quality of your products and in the end are responsible for the success and the profitability of your business.

A regular check of your 'heartbeat' with accredited calibration equipment is essential. It ensures your quality always matches the customer's expectations which are vital where SANAS certification is involved.


We are here to give you the high level of service you require and manage your calibration requirements from start to finish. Key to this need is the provision of after sales service and support.


Our dedicated service and calibration department offer a high quality on-site service that:


  • Helps reduce the downtime of your equipment and increase efficiency for your business

  • Avoids risk of damage to your equipment during transit

  • Saves on freight and shipping costs

  • Eliminates the need for expensive hire equipment whilst yours is off-site for calibration

  • International Coverage

  • Includes calibration adjustments when possible


Regular calibration pays dividends.


  • Consistent quality of your production output

  • Lower operating cost due to enhanced reliability

  • Optimal access to international markets

  • Establishing a quality system

  • Address quality audit and reviews

  • Maintain quality of specifications

  • Meet production control criteria

  • Measure inspection and testing results

  • Establish calibration traceability


Expansion of the service and calibration department means that we are now able to offer you the calibration of a wide range of products.

So if your test equipment is due for calibration, why not take advantage of our years of expertise in the test and measurement industry, and contact us for a no obligation quotation.


In order for RMS to offer SANAS calibration at your facility we are required to comply with certain regulations as we need to set up a temporary laboratory on your premises with controlled environmental conditions. Please complete the rest of this form and take note our requirements.


Morney Smit, Service Manager, testing equipment for repair and calibration.

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