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Calibration Laboratory

The Calibration Laboratory falls under the management of Les Wesson (Calibration Manager), a metrology legend in the South African Calibration Laboratory community, who has in excess of 30 years of metrology experience, performs most of the calibrations.


Les Wesson joined Fluke South Africa in 1981 and has been involved with Fluke since then. Les is currently the Managing director of RMS which is a totally autonomous company, specializing in third party repair and calibration of electronic test and measurement equipment.


RMS is equipped with a fully SANAS accredited calibration laboratory to ensure calibrations 

performed on instruments result in valid measurement results. Their full SANAS accredited scope can be viewed on the SANAS website at where they are lab numbers 129, 529 and 329.


RMS pride themselves in their SANAS accredited scope of measurement capabilities since they are accredited for the smallest uncertainties in a number of parameters in South Africa, outside of the National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA).


Calibrations are performed according to the manufacturer’s performance verification procedures 

wherever possible and it is standard practice for the instrument’s performance to be checked for 

compliance with the manufacturer’s accuracy specifications. If found to be outside these 

performance limits, adjustments are performed and the “as found” and “as left” results reported on 

the calibration certificate. This enables the customer to take remedial action if required, which may 

result from an instrument being found to have been performing outside the manufacturer’s accuracy 



At the end of each and every calibration, a calibration certificate is issued, which bears the SANAS 

accreditation logo. This provides not only local recognition that the RMS calibration laboratory has 

met, and continues to meet the requirements if ISO IEC 17025 as proven through independent third 

party assessment by SANAS, but also international recognition of calibration performed in South 

Africa. This is of particular importance if a company has overseas principals and needs to comply 

with international standards.

Les Wesson, Owner of Repair and Metrology Services, and Master Metrologist. 

Gideon "Deon" van Staden, registered SANAS Technical Assessor and Metrologist.

Deon is responsible for Quality Control and calibration, in the field of DC Low Frequency and Temperature. Deon has been in the industry since 2008 and has been with RMS for three years. He spent 33 years in the military working in maintenance of aircraft avionics systems.


As an accredited SANAS Technical Assessor, Deon is qualified to do SANAS audit assessments on other laboratories. Click the pdf icon to see his certificate. 

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