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Some of the Calibration Laboratory Staff Members

Les Wesson, Owner of Repair and Metrology Services. 


Adriaan is an apprentice technician with RMS. His apprenticship ranges from working with Morney (Service Manager) on FLUKE Bio-Medical, On-Site Calibration, High Voltage / High Current and Megger equipment. He has been with RMS for close to three years. 

Patrick is responsible for the repair and calibration of FLUKE hand-held multieters, infrared equipment and cameras. He has got experince in excess of 15 years, and he is also a training junior metrologist. He has been with RMS for close to five years. 

David has been with RMS for three years, and is responsible for carrying out the repairs of the Midtronics battery tester range. He has built up extensive experince in High Voltage / High Currant / Megger & FLUKE hand held multimeters. 

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